My Product Line

Twinkle Toes

Twinkle Toes is an old skool scrub; oil and exfoliant. Twinkle Toes is a scrub that was crafted with your feet in mind. There are 3 different exfoliants to get the job done, dead sea salt, epsom salt, and pumice stone. This exfoliant will slough away dull, flaky, dry skin, revealing touchably soft, smooth, youthful looking skin.

Satin Kiss

Satin Kiss is a vegan safe moisturising lip balm. Its simple ingredients pack a punch that will leave you with soft kissable lips. This balm can be worn alone or underneath lipstick. Its light green hue is from the Hemp seed oil. It smells like a creamsicle, it comes in a clear turn tub at .14 oz

Natural Radiance

Natural Radiance is a full body home-crafted butter( no water) that allows you to use it whenever and wherever you like. It can be used to soothe, soften, and moisturize; rough, dry, and chapped skin, starting from the top of your head, down to the soles of your feet focusing on those elbows, knees, and heels. You can use it on your face as well, as it has a natural UV protectant. When added to your hair regiment, it can be used to seal in moisture for natural hair. 

Lighten Up

Lighten Up is an organic brown sugar scrub that exfoliates and brightens skin.  It helps improve skin texture and evens skin tone.  One of it’s key ingredients is Almond Oil which is packed with Vitamin A that stimulates the production of new skin cells.

Summer Bliss

Summer Bliss is a lightweight lotion. One that could be worn during the summer months. Summer Bliss will not leave you feeling clogged or ‘hot”.  The oils in Summer Bliss are ‘dry’ oils and go directly into the skin, while the water and butter help to seal all of the yummy goodness for all-day moisture. Very simple ingredients, no yuckiness.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet is a 20% Urea Buttercream that penetrates those hard, dry, flaky areas like your elbows, knees, and feet.

Urea helps to encourage skin moisture and enhances the texture of the skin. It’s a humectant, which means it is able to absorb moisture from the environment and draw it to the skin. It also acts as an emollient that softens and smooths the skin.

This cream was made with feet in mind but can be used all over the body.

What's New?

I am always in the lab working on more new skin and hair care products that are made from all natural ingredients!  Look for more info on my next product soon!